Fast shipping! Excellent product!

Kara L. Chance on July 20, 2014
Fayetteville, NC

I love this product it really does a great jon on protecting your rats from the heat of the hairdryer

Karen Freitas on August 17, 2014
East Providence, RI

i bought this and yep yep yep love it! it blocks all the heat from blowing...

I wash and sit under the dryer one to two times a week. The heat coming from out of my bonnet was bothering me. I would hold a towel to the area where the air was seeping out, and still was hot and frustrated. I bought this and yep yep yep love it! It blocks all the heat from blowing on my face, next, and ears. I can sit comfortably and let my dryer do it's thing. Whooo hoooo! 

By Carmita on October 13, 2014

great product. Completely shields your face and ears from dryer heat

By CC-Rider on February 20, 2015

i really, really love this item. it works as seller describes. i used on my mother and my daughter and they are grateful since they often complain that i burn their neck and ears with the dryer/and hot comb

Loretta Miller on February 22, 2015
Cayce, SC

must have if you sit under dryer

This produce is awesome definitely blocks heat. 

By La Familia! on March 3, 2015

great seller

Yaritza Rodriguez on March 14, 2015
Reading, PA

this is the best ever...do not even feel the dryer now and I was like a little kid before

By Teri Kole on April 13, 2015


Love for my rod sets under my soft bonnet dryer!

By Fifi on April 29, 2015

excellent transaction. will buy from this seller again. thanks.

Kirk Kirkling on May 20, 2015
Chicago, IL

great product

Great product...bought it for my teen daughter who cannot tolerate hair dryer heat. Protects ear, neck & face. 

By Jo on June 3, 2015

no issues with seller

Lamont Simmons on August 27, 2015
East Lansdowne, PA

Fast shipping in secure packaging. Accurate description of product. 

Naomi McMillan on November 3, 2015
Lake Ridge, VA

I love it. it work great. thanks

Joseph Charlestin on November 21, 2015
Fort Lauderdale, FL

super fast shipping and great product! i hope they come up with more hair styling improvement tools! 

Margaret Hutchinson on November 21, 2015
Abingdon, MD

i used it last week and i have a painful glaucoma eye that cannot take the heat of a hair dryer but with the hair dryer shield there was no heat and therefore no pain. it works great! 

Anita Gibson on December 28, 2015
Bronx, NY

the shield works just as described. i tried sitting under a bonnet dryer without it and was miserable from the heat. i put on the heat shield and i was able to sit under the dryer without a problem. love it!!!

Hasana Lawhorn on January 4, 2016

definitely a life saver while under the dryer. 

Jeanette Fontanez on January 23, 2016
Brooklyn, NY

great product, definitely make hair drying more tolerable 

Charmaine Goffe on May 7, 2016
Bristol, CT

i really hated the hot of the hair dryer but now i enjoy it and i even fall asleep

By Dolca A Robles de Peterkin on July 10, 2016
Miami, FL

perfect love it

By Gerardo on August 5, 2016

so very awkward, but so very effective. Very clever design and well made

By Sandra Barista on August 8, 2016
Princeton, NJ