1. how does the ub shield help stylists? 

  • Client care and client protection
  • Helps make the client more comfortable 
  • Reduces risks of hot hair appliance injuries to clients

2. can men use the ub shield? 

Yes, absolutely. 

3. does the ub shield work well for dreadlocks? 


  • The comfort and protection benefits for dreadlock clients may exceed the average clients benefits due to greater dryer time. 
  • Locs may be long and thick, and it sometimes takes more than an hour to dry hair. 
  • The comfort benefits of the UB Shield may allow one to increase the hairdryer temperature, which should expedite drying time. 

4. does the ub shield benefit the elderly?


  • It provides enough comfort that some elderly customers who have stopped using the hairdryer, have started to use the hairdryer again. 

5. are there benefits of using the ub shield? 

  • It redirects heat from the face, ears and neck providing comfort. 

6. how many sizes do you offer? 

One size fits all. 

  • The UB Shield fits children and adults. 

7. is it good to use the ub shield on children? 

Yes. Indeed! 

  • UB Shield customers have expressed great appreciation for the comfort and protection their children have received. 

8. Can the ub shield be used with the soft bonnet hairdryer?


  • Customers tell us that they use the UB Shield with the soft bonnet hairdryer and they love it. 
  • Customers tell us that it blocks the heat that seeped through, and now it is really comfortable. 

9. Will my hair get caught in velcro? 

Not when applied correctly. 

  • The Velcro can be connected in the front and the UB Shield can be pulled straight up into position. There are also videos that demonstrate how to put the UB Shield on. 

10. is the ub shield washable? 

Yes. Hand washing is recommended. 

11. how long is the ub shield warranty? 

There is a 90 day warranty. It is durable and has been used by many for more than a year. 

12. what all can it be used for? 

  • The hooded hair dryer
  • The blow dryer 
  • The curling iron
  • As a shield against hair spray and other aerosols 
  • As a hair holder for makeup and face painting applications 
  • Also as a sun visor 

13. should i expect the stylist to have a ub shield? 

No and yes. 

  • You should take care to assure that you have your own protection against heat, burns, and scorches. 
  • Many stylist maintain several UB Shields for their clients' care, comfort, and protection. 

  • Some stylists are UB Shield distributors. 

14. how can the ub shield protect against curling iron burns? 

The UB Shield hugs the head just below the hairline and over the ears. This allows for the UB Shield to function as a barrier making it so that the hot hair iron is not able to come in contact with the ears, face, or neck. 

15. who puts the ub shield on - the stylist or the client? 

Either the client or the stylist may put the shield on. 

16. how can i become a distributor? 

  • Excellent EZ Solutions, LLC welcomes UB Shield distributors. 
  • Please "Contact Us" to discuss your interest in being a UB Shield distributor. 

17. what is the ub shield? 

A cloth device that protects the face, ears and neck from heat, burns, and scorches of hair dryers, blow dryers, and hot hair irons. 

18. how does the ub shield work? 

The UB Shield creates a barrier along the hairline and over the ears so that the heat from the hooded hairdryer and other heated hair appliances do not affect the face, ears and neck. 

19. why is the ub shield called a hair salon "game changer"?

There are no heat protection products in the field of hair care that provides the level of comfort that is universally beneficial to the masses as the UB Shield.