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The Ultimate Beauty Shield separates hair products and hair appliance effects from the face, ears, and neck during hair beautification treatments, AND it protects the hair from products and processes during spa facial treatments. OTHER FUNCTIONS INCLUDE SHAMPOO BOWL CUSHION AND A SUN VISOR. 

This TOPLESS bonnet CLOTH DEVICE fits comfortably just below the hairline; stretches across the forehead; cups the ears, and closes in THE back redirecting the heat from hairdryers, blow dryers and curling irons from the face, ears, and neck.


Blocks and Stops heat, burns and scorches when heated hair appliances are used.

Allows stylists to work faster when using heated hair appliances. 

Holds hair away to make makeup and eyelash applications easier.

Helps to prevent hair spray and spray coloring from hitting the face. 

Makes hair steaming more comfortable by shielding against steam and drips.

Blocks and Stops spa facial products from affecting the texture and style of hair. 

Blocks and Stops spa tanning products from getting onto the hair.